Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24 June 2015

Happiness will come after sadness . 
I'm waiting for dat happiness . Everyone had suffer from pain . Don't lie if ur going to say ur not . Some humans like to complain and these kind of human is really2 selfish . Relieving their stress through mocking people is a bad habit . i'm trying to speak english because i'm scared if my classmates will recognize me . I don't hate you , i'm just dissapointed that you've turned into everything that u say u will never be . Dear self , please be strong because human aren't perfect . everyone does a mistake .

Someone ,

 Sadly , i can only see u through a safe distance but how can i let everythings go ? Why does everything seems ease to u ? Don't appear infront me . its hurt . its just too hurt . But u do that everyday and u act like nothings happen and when you go home . why must fight over nothing . Why do u keep appearing? Don't break my heart please .